Sunday, May 23

Here I am.

Sipping on my morning coffee, reading my favorite blogs, pancake mess cleanup waiting for me in the kitchen and still in my pajamas. 

 I am definitely home. 

I tried to get my cafecito to taste like the café con leche from Versailles I had before boarding. No luck, but still yummy. 

I know what would make it even yummier! One of those dulce de leche or guava In Style Cupcakes Carrie introduced us to.  Maybe that's what I should have brought home from Miami!

I <3 Kip, specially because I came home to a clean casita. 

Audrey asked for boobie chita as soon as we arrived from the airport.  My left breast was so full and ready for her.  I didn't pump during the trip and had really big boobs to prove it. 

Jeremiah immediately fell in love with the flip cam (a gift from General Mills), I think I will have lot's of Jeremiah videos to load. 

I have lot's to share from my trip.  I met some great friends. Had way too much to eat ( : Had too many mojitos ( :

and fell in love with Miami.  Que Rica Vida la pase. The food, the people, la cultura.
We were greeted by our beautiful spanish language at every turn. 
So many Latin American's proud of their culture.

I will share more soon. 

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. 

*the trip to Miami was an all expense paid trip from General Mills.  The flip cam was a gift from General Mills.  The cupcakes a gift from In Style Cupcakes.  I was not asked, required, or given monitary compensation to tell you anything I said on this post.  These were 100% my thoughts. 


Madeline said...

So glad you enjoyed your trip and that it didn't interfere with nursing! :) Sounds like a wonderful time.

And, your husband rocks. If I left even for one night my house would be a disaster zone when I got back.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't fit my Qué Rica Vida mugs in my luggage. LOL. Glad you're safely home, in a clean house no less! :) My husband managed to keep our house pretty clean, too.

I also fell in love with Miami, (and guava cupcakes!) Glad we got to meet. Keep in touch, amiga!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you had a fun time! Did you enjoy the trip? Are you glad you went? What were your top takeaways? I'd love to hear more... :)

Krista said...


Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I dropped by to check yours out and I'm so glad I did. Love it! Your babies are gorgeous - and I'm a little jealous that you still bf Audrey. Clementine stopped at 16 months and never looked back. :(

I would love to follow you, but can't seem to figure out how! It's probably right in front of my eyes and I can't even see it. See what pregnancy does to you?? ;)

Happy Monday, Chica!

Lisa Renata said...

Now those cupcakes were definitely YUMMY!!!

I left both my mugs at the hotel, had no room for them in my luggage. LOL.

Glad to have met you and can't wait to see you in Sep. or at Blog Her. Are you going?

Marcela said...

Madeline, I was so excited it didn't interfere with the breastfeeding!

latinaish, the mug was a nice reminder of Miami while having my coffee in the am. I had to have my sister sit on my luggage in order for me to close it.

I am really glad I went Stephanie, I will share my takeaways soon ( :

I loved your blog. Your Clementine is super adorable!
I have to put the follow button up on my blog. Haven't done that yet.

Lisa, I definitely want to get together with you when you are in LA. I don't think I will be going to blogher, can't think of an excuse to tell my husband for using all that money on a trip for myself ( :

Are you???

Catalina said...

Craving a guava cupcake. Yumm!!

Wow! General Mills put on an amazing experience, and it was even more special meeting the bloggers in person.

Hope to see you soon!


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