Monday, May 10

I rock!

My mother's day coffee cup.  Isn't is perfect?  It says you rock.  I love that my son thinks I rock.

I can't ever wash it.  He made it with permanent marker.  But it wipes off when wet ) :

I think I will make it into a planter and put a pretty plant inside.

Any other suggestions?

I hope you had a  lovely mother's day.
I did.


Madeline said...

That's so sweet! You could also use it to put loose change in.

angelica perez said...

That's a "cool" gift, Marcela! Maybe you can seal the writing with a sealer sold in craft stores. This way, you'll have it forever...
Glad you had a nice Mother's Day!

Marcela said...

Madeline, that is a good idea, making it into a loose change or catch all.

Angelica, I am so not crafty. Seriously, I am so bad I didn't even know they sold sealer for things like this. I will definitely need to make a trip to Michaels! Thanks!

SoCal_Me said...

Marcela, try Osh or even Home Depot- they have a sealant in a spray can. Very easy and quick to use!

Marcela said...

Thanks Suz! I will definitely pick up some sealer!

Stephanie said...

Your mug is awesome. So colorful and sweet. You are loved - that is completely apparent. :)

Blanca Stella said...

I love the idea of the plant like some of the herb plants like basil and put it in the kitchen to remind you of the sweetness of the children as they grow, and the root of the plant the love that is instilled in them as they grow day by day before you know it, they become way big and firmly rooted in what you reflected to them.
I have boxes of my son's art and school projects he did for me...and now he is to be a man.


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