Sunday, May 30

Que Rica Vida in Miami. Part 1.

Many thoughts on my trip come to mind when writing this post.  It's not everyday, actually it's the first time, that a company like General Mills sponsors a group of Latina bloggers to fly out to an event of this style. 
Maybe now, we will start seeing that trend... many different colored faces where we sometimes are used to seeing mostly one at company sponsored blogger events.  
Speaking of color, what color are Latinas anyway? ( : I saw a whole lot of color in Miami!

Yoli and I on the shuttle heading towards our Hotel.

We stayed at the Hyatt, and everything was lovely.  I saw FRIENDS everywhere I turned (faces I had only read).  Funny, the connection bloggers have.  I felt like I knew all of these ladies, and the more I think about it, I guess I did already know them.  I talked in english with some, spanish with some, and our favorite, spanglish a whole lot of the time too.  They made me feel welcome and loved, and that meant everything.

Yoli and I shared rooms. We could of had our own, but like, who was going to help me with my outfits?

The more I write, I think this post will definitely have to be seperated into two.  Our two days there.....k?

We had a party the first night, with mariachi music (hello?! Latina!), drank mojitos, ate yummy food and took pictures and gave big Latina hugs all night. 

We heard all about the re-lauch of the new Que Rica Vida.  My favorite part, Baby Center en Español will be joining them to share tips and articles on parenting. I love that Baby Center en Español supports all parenting styles, yet still seems to lean towards natural parenting.

with Marta and Carrie and  Lisa 

After the event we all hung out in the hotel lobby and chatted.  Some of us party girls went out for a walk in downtown to find a hangout where we could chat and get to know each other more.

Our first stop was a total dive bar.   It had a certain smell, a mixture of old, greasy chicken wings and beer that turned us away instantly.

Our next stop, down the street, was a very trendy spot.  A band on stage with a sexy dancer in a flowy mini skirt, young people and liquor everywhere.  It had MIAMI all over it.

Catalina, Sandrini, Yoli and I

We left and walked back up the street, to find something right in the middle of the two, and perfect.  A sushi bar, that pulled tables together for us and brought out  yummy rolls and drinks.  I had a pomegranate champagne drink.  We talked about the event, and blogging.  Our thoughts and feelings. 

Everyone has a different story.  As I'm sure you do too.  So special this thing we call, mamí blogging.

*more links and thoughts to come in part 2. The trip was sponsored by General Mills. All thoughts are my own. 


Lisa Renata said...

Totally love your take on the trip. I really enjoyed that sushi bar, we were able to talk and get to know each other better, and even defend our part as bloggeras (remember the journalist? jajaja).

SWFL Doula said...

Nice post, very natural and simple.. I like the way you write! So bad we couldn't meet and I hope you're right about the trend with latina bloggers, that way we may see each other in some other time.. On a side note, my husband name is Marcelo.. so your name is very easy to remember for me.. lol

Brenda said...

Me perdi de las salidas, pero me dio mucho gusto conocerte! Igual a todas las demas, cuando llegue y vi el grupo de bloggers en el lobby las reconoci inmediatamente!!

Marcela said...

@Lisa, I do ( :

@theproudmommy Marcelo...what a nice name!!! ( :

@Brenda Me encantas!

Unknown said...

Marce, a mi también me encanta como escribes. Yo también pensé lo mismo al empezar a escribir, son tantos pensamientos que mejor lo divido en dos! Y no sabía ni como dividirlo, para mi, la guía fueron mis fotos :) Saluditos!

Lola said...

¡Qué divertido viaje, Marcela!, seguro que lo pasasteis fenomenal todas las latinas blogueras unidas!!. ¿Cómo llevaste al final la separación de tu peque de dos años?.
Un beso desde España!

Stephanie said...

Yes! So special indeed.

Isn't it wonderful meeting blog friends in-real-life? It's the BEST reason to go to blogging events, in my opinion.

Tracy said...

Enjoying your post and looking forward to Part II. It's great that you and Yoly got to come together and shared a room. I have 2 sisters too, so I know what fun that can be :)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

This is great! You look FAB!


Catalina said...

The sushi bar was just right. We were all a bit tired but determined to soak it all in! lol!! Momma power!! Enjoying the QRV stories.


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