Wednesday, May 5

Life's been happening

and it's been good.

Sometimes a little too busy to blog.

Jeremiah turned his California Mission project in this week.  It looked awesome, we all worked hard, specially Jeremiah.

Work for me has been draining, emotionally, at times.  And I can't say I love when my shift is over enough times.

It hasn't only been work, that has kept me from being online.  There's also been play.  Because all work and no play is no fun.

Our Saturday morning in the Palisades, watching Jeremiah's lacrosse game, left me wanting a beach cruiser (hint, hint, maybe hubby will read the blog) for riding down the beach while taking in the sun and  the ocean.

We caught up with family and friends over the weekend, which is always special.

Yesterday, Audrey and I hung out at our favorite coffee shop all morning.

We came home to play in the backyard with her water table.  She had so much fun, and so needed a bath when we came inside.

I met two of my favorite gal pals in the afternoon and we chatted while we munched on pita bread and hummus.  We admired a beautiful engagement ring, and laughed about the possibility of a new baby arriving over lunch.

It turned out not to be my best friend's baby coming, but her lunch not setting well. ( :

After lunch we came home for Audrey's nap, as I caught up on favorite blogs, Kip surprised me with an iChat invite for dinner.

It was perfect, and yummy.  The kids hung out with grandma while Kip and I caught up on us over a beer and a pomegranate martini.

I had the martini.

I rocked black tights and heels.

Today, while I blog, Audrey is rocking my heels.  Seriously, there is nothing cuter than a toddler walking around the house in heels.


Sra. López said...

Nothing cuter than a toddler walking around in heels - but equally cute, my boys used to put on Daddy's work boots and clomp around. I don't have any niñas, so that will have to suffice ;)

Sounds like you have a well balanced life and many things to be thankful for.

Stephanie said...

Hooray for a full & busy life! Blogging should definitely be second to "real life" - laughing with and loving your family & friends. :)

It sounds like you're juggling everything with admirable wisdom and grace. Kudos to you!

Madeline said...

Sounds like life has been a wonderful sort of busy! :)

Marzette said...

Cool! We plan on getting beach cruisers for this summer going to Hermosa beach got me in the mood, getting Zeta's for her bday. I'm gonna get the iBert safe-t seat for baby James, you should look into it for Audrey :) :)

Marcela said...

Sra. López, I think boy's in work boots are SO cute!

Thanks Madeline and Stephanie for your always super sweet comments!!!

Marzette! We need to go together!!! I am definitely going to check out the baby seat, if you find good prices on beach cruisers send me links! I really don't know how to shop for a bicycle. Hermosa sounds lovely! I definitely want to visit the beach more often this summer.


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