Sunday, May 16


Nervous and anxious.
I keep telling myself Audrey will be fine without me for two days.
And then I think about how she is still nursing, will she still want to nurse when I get back, will she be able to fall asleep with her babysitter during the day?
Am I doing the right thing?  It's only two days.

My trip to Miami for the unleashing of Que Rica Vida.

I wonder if I should take her.  She can still sit on my lap on the plane.  I can take the Ergo.
And then I realize, she will immediately want out, and want to run.
With no freedom, long days, and a schedule to follow, my schedule.
Is that the right thing to do?  Take her with me?

I already miss my family.

Kip is very supportive, as always. <3
I am so thankful for him.

And I'm excited to get away, and see friends, and meet new ones.
And at the same time, I am scared.

*How do you handle trips away from family? How do you feel about blog conferences and blog trips? 


Liz said...

Ay... me too.

I've never been away from my kids. Ever. Jeremiah is 11, so imagine the attachment I feel?!?! lol

I still can't seem to cut the umbilical cord. The last time I was on a plane was in HS. I graduated class of 94.

You do the math... lmno! Still I can't wait to spend time with you and the rest of the gals.

Madeline said...

Awwww...that is a tough one! Levi still wanted to nurse after leaving for the weekends with his dad. The only reason he quit was that I had to cut him back to once a day because nursing while pregnant is so very painful for me. Then my milk started to dry up. He eventually lost interest. But, we went through loads of weekends away with him still wanting to nurse every time he got back. Hope that gives you some comfort. :) Hugs to you. Enjoy your trip!!

Mamá Contemporánea said...

Marcela, Audrey is so pretty! Are you planning to pump? I'm taking Chris and Chloe with me but I know how do you tough!

julie diaz-asper said...

She is so cute. I still struggle when I leave my babies that are 6 and 9 :) But I think its actually pretty good for them. It becomes special daddy bonding time. I think us mamas tend to be our kids' world when we are around so it helps the Dad when they get a little alone time. Especially when my little ones were breastfeeding, it was all about me, mama! I think moms also can use a break and it helps us be more focus and fun when we are with our kids. So enjoy the trip, It will likely be great for you and your sweet baby. Have a blast on the trip!

Brenda from Mejorando mi Hogar said...

Marcela, I already miss my kids too...and as you I wonder If it's the right thing to do, this will be the first time they stay, my mom is coming to take care of them, my kids are 11, 7 & 4.... See you soon.

Silvia said...

Hola Marcela, I still remember the first time I left my kids, it wasn't easy, but my husband and my brothers were taking care of them, and they were very happy to see me when I came back. The second time was easier, but just a little, because my husband went with me, my house was a mess but my kids were fine and happy. This time doesn't get any easier, but I learned that mama ( o sea yo) needs time for herself, and the kids need time for themselves with papa. I'm very blessed to have my husband and very good friends to help. I know your kids will miss you, but also they will learn that is ok for mama to go for a few days and recharge her batteries

Nos vemos el martes!!

Unknown said...

Marce! Yo diría aprovecha!! Apenas son 3 días y lo bueno es que tienes a tu esposo, a tu familia y como dices al babysitter que te ayudarán.
A nosotras (como mamás y como esposas) nos hace falta tiempo para nosotras y hay que aprovecharlo cuando viene! No quiere decir que uno no extrañe a los suyos!

Unknown said...

Hey Marcela, I think it's so different for everyone. I just went on a girls weekend where a couple of the gals had tween kids and never been on a girls get-away. I, on the other hand have always made sure I get at least two a year. But that's because I need it -it's how I feed my soul and my spirit. Your babies will be just fine and if at the end of the trip you're miserable you'll know not to do it again. It's all so very personal.

Marcela said...

Thanks for all your support ladies! I know I will have so much fun with you guys but it still gets me nervous to think about my little one without mama. You guys are great!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

You're doing great, you'll do great. :)

YOU know in your heart when the time is right to take them or leave them. It's so nice to have the break, and so I will only go on trips now if I can leave my littles behind (because she's just too old now for me to enjoy myself if I bring her with!) I won't be at BlogHer this year because it's too long to leave her behind. But I do plan for a few trips next year- am looking forward to it!!


Stephanie said...

Such tough decisions!

I agree with Steph - "You're doing great, you'll do great" (although I'm sure you'll be soooo happy to get home afterwards). :)


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