Thursday, July 8

Fourth of July in Our home

Thoughts of parades, trips to festivals and parks.  Just thoughts.  
I ended up staying in pajamas comfy clothes all day.  Spending time with my most favorite people.

By the afternoon Audrey was in need of fresh air.  And I, in some major need for exercise from all the party food .... and leftovers.  Audrey and I went for a run/walk.

American flags hung proud.  Everywhere. I thought, what a lucky girl I am, to live in such a beautiful place, a place where everyone is so different yet still so united.

How lucky I am, to be able to raise my kids here.

In the evening we saw fireworks.  Audrey sat on Kip's shoulder.  And I, with my arm around Miah.


Madeline said...

Holidays are best spent in pajamas! ;)

Anne said...

I love that first image - I can practically hear the locusts in the background.

Great capture.


tacubagurl said...

What a wonderful 4th. Audrey looks so comfy and that nieghborhood is beautiful! We're very lucky to raise our children here :)

Krista said...

She looks so comfy in her stroller! So cute!!

Nell said...

One of my favorite things to see are American flags flying proudly.


Stephanie said...

What a beautiful day! 4th of July is one of my very favorite holidays. I am so proud to be an American and I feel so fortunate to live in this wonderful country with my family.

Marcela said...

I hope all of you had a lovely 4th! It IS a great place to live!


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