Wednesday, July 28

A train ride and birthday kind of day

We rode the train to San Diego. The ride was special. And something different for the kids.

Our trip was smooth and the only thing I would do different next time is pack lunch for everyone. Lunch on the train was a bit expensive, but tummies got full. And I guess that's what matters.

We are staying at the Westgate Plaza in Downtown. A fancy kind of place.

The kids like it.

We are going out for a birthday dinner(Jeremiah and I share the same birthday).

Our family (small) vacation. Perfect,actually.


Lisa Renata said...

Glad to know you are having such a great time. On your way back, pick up lunch somewhere and take it on the train, be that will still be cheaper than buying it on the train.

Are you going to Sea World? I love it.

Mamá Contemporánea said...

Amiga paso a dejarte un saludito. Your kidas are so cute!

Marcela said...

@lisa No, just the zoo this time. We had a blast!

@Rory Thanks for visiting! Thanks for the compliments too!!!

Unknown said...

What a cool trip! Good to know that about the train, we want to do a train trip to somewhere one day, haha! Happy Bday again amiga!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, Marcela! I hope this year is your very best.


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