Thursday, July 22

Out of the heat... at the library

Summer has been good to us.  Everyone is here and healthy.  

We are working on parenting daily.  The no tv, no xbox, no electronics punishment set last week has encouraged lot's more outdoor play and reading. Who knew that was the way to get my kid to read? All the time ( :

*real time: (Audrey just came over expecting me to open the bottle of sundae she serious!?!?! "open mami, open mami")

Since we have been reading lot's and trying to stay cool.... we visited the libary library and I picked out some good stuff while Jeremiah toured a swat truck and petted a German Shepherd police dog (kid's event at our local library). 

He skipped out on checking any out this time since he is currently in the middle (book 4) of the Harry Potter series.
It's the perfect place to relax on a summer day.  Books, all over, and out of the heat.  I really need to visit more often.  
How often do you go to the library?
What books are you reading?
Here are my current picks. 

*as for Audrey...she got grapes instead.


Madeline said...

We usually just put in requests for library books online, and then run and pick them up. Levi is sort of a handful in the library.

Unknown said...

That's a great idea! One day we don't have anything planned we'll go for the library!!

*I liked your real time part!!


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