Thursday, July 15

I'm not sure why

but I am loving the google page today.  It feels hippie.

Our day was good today.  I feel good, and the kids seem to be feeling good.

Audrey and I stopped by Starbucks this morning (we usually like local...but had a gift card that gotmilk? sent me).  The line was kind of long, so Audrey ran around the place, I chasing after her.

Matthew Lillard (in back of us in line) got a chance to witness Audrey in full toddler mode.

I also call it drama queen mode, but never tell her that. ( :

She got in a it's mine fight at the park.

waving good by to that same friend she fought. 

Then was the most polite little girl while we shopped for groceries.

We both took a long nap.

Everyone loved dinner.

Dad took the kids to basketball practice

and I got my cardio workout in a pool.  Thanks to my mama fitness group.

It's one of those summer days.  Nothing special.  But everything just right.

*no one asked to be any of these links.  Just part of my thoughts and  part of my day today.   The Starbucks card was a gift I received at a blogger event, I was not asked to write about them or got milk?, and was not given any compensation for writing this. 


Madeline said...

Love those days!

SWFL Doula said...

I love her chicks.. they are like two red apples.. that just shows how much she ran that day.. so cuteeeeee!


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