Monday, July 19

He likes Metallica.....

and asked, "can we go to Macy's".

"Macy's...what for?" I said.

"I need skinny jeans, they sell them there". 

Lately he has been growing.  Into himself.  It scares me.  Sometimes.  I feel like he IS my baby, still.

But then he talks about 80's rock.  

and I'm like whhhhaaattt?!?!?!?

I seriously can only name probably one Metallica song (having trouble doing so at the moment).

We did go to Macy's.  He got skinny jeans (they were on sale)....

and he is teaching me about Metallica.


Auntie yoli said...

Jeremiah has always been a cool kid! What size jeans is he wearing? :)

tacubagurl said...

My husband would love for his kid to be in to 80's rock!!! Haha and I would too ;)

Jessie said...

My 5 year old asks for skinny jeans too. Crazy!

Dawn said...

My lil papa loves Led Zepplin. Of course, he found one of my old cds :) but I do find myself turning the volume down quite often, does that mean I am getting old?!?

Krista said...

These boys! Sebastian loves AC/DC and just asked me to buy him some black tank undershirts (wife beaters)!

He's a cutie - I'm sure he'll look "totally rad" in his new skinnies! ;)

Unknown said...

Gosh, I can't even imagine what that must feel like, pretty crazy, but they do grow! Ay noo!!

Madeline said...

Haha! What an awesome kid!

Nicole Feliciano said...

I think it's cool that he cares. He's adorable!

Marcela said...

Auntie Yoli...can you believe he is in a size 12 now!!!

@tacubagurl I think he gets a lot of his music likes from listening to dad's music ( :

@Jessie I am not alone!!! Yay!

@Dawn I turn music down too! Sometimes all of us will be rocking out in the car and I have to tell them that it's too loud too !!! ( :

@Krista Love it! They would probably have fun together!

@Dariela Enjoy him amiga...he will grow up soon.

@Madeline Thanks!

@Nicole LOVE your blog! Yeah, I guess it's better that he cares than not ( :


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