Saturday, July 31

Life is good

He picked out what he would eat the night before.

This, Jeremiah loved.  Room service.

Pancakes, oatmeal, waffles, fresh fruit,  hot chocolate (our breakfast) and a vanilla latte for mama.

iPhone pics
We were feeling adventurous and a little green after breakfast. 
So, we took bus number 7 to the San Diego Zoo.   

My first time there.  It is quite special, and not like any other zoo I have been too.  

Kip took his fancy camera and I have great pictures to share. 

We are home now.  With laundry piles. A cranky toddler. 

Football season (for Jeremiah) to start tomorrow. 

And I'm typing with pretty color fingernails.

CHANEL Lilac Sky

Life is good

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Madeline said... service! What a way to get spoiled! Sounds like a great time.


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