Sunday, September 26

Just like friends

I watched her, as she filled with new things learned and new adventures.   Our recent trip with friends to The Arboretum

Ducks, Peacocks, Koi fish, and Turtles.   

And a house made out of tree. 

I want all of her.  Every little bit of her fills me with happiness. 

Today, Kip and Jeremiah went to the show, us girls stayed behind.  We shared a strawberry smoothie as we sat on the sofa together watching Babies.  When she saw babies breastfeed, she breastfed too.

After the movie.  I painted my toes, and painted her little toes too.  Purple.

We folded laundry as we sang to our favorite songs. 

We laughed, we talked, we shared. Just like friends do. 


tacubagurl said...

I admire that you still breastfeed! I think you just inspired me to continue bfing my baby. I still want to, but the familia always has something to say and it discourages me. Do you deal with this at all? any good websites I could go to?


Mari Nuñez said...

Wonderful day!! These little ones are our life, our inspiration and and motive to keep living and to do things right. The sad part is they grow up soooo fast. My little one turned 13 yesterday. You have brought back memories of all those sweet moments that are never forgotten. I also use to paints her little toe nails!!

Have a great week : D

Stephanie said...

This post is beautiful! I definitely regard my two girls (18 months and 4 years) as friends. :)

Also: I still haven't seen "Babies" (but I want to).

Madeline said...

So beautiful! You're an inspiring and wonderful mama.


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