Tuesday, September 7

"kissing hand"

Audrey loves us to read to her before nap and bedtime. 
 Today, as I was digging trough Jeremiah's books for possible books to read to her, I came across 
The Kissing Hand.  It's a special book for Jeremiah and I, a book I always read to him during back to school.  

It is the perfect book for a child who is starting school, and also for a mom who has to learn to let her little one go to school as well. 

I recommend it, every morning that I drop Jeremiah off to school we say good bye with a kissing hand

*I bought it this book with my dinero.   


Unknown said...

I was told by a 1st grade teacher that this was a great book for kids starting school. I have yet to buy it but should since she'll be starting Kindergarten next year.

Tracy said...

My almost 9 year old STILL loves this book. When he goes back to school I draw a heart in the palm of his hand with permanent marker so he can look at it throughout the day. He still wanted me to do it this year. Next year he goes to 4th grade and he'll probably think it's too baby-ish. Awh :(

Stephanie said...

I looked it up on Amazon (5 stars!) and just added it to our library list.

Thank you for the recommendation.


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