Sunday, September 5

A special kind of Quinceañera (here at home)

I can remember holding my baby sister as a newborn.  I was a teenager then.  I remember her little baby toes, that I would paint, to match whatever color polish I was wearing at the time.

She just turned 15.  We hosted a party here at home. A Quinceañera.  It wasn't fancy.  No ballroom, ball gowns, or limousines...but it was special.

Gaby is beautiful.  And looked even more beautiful in her pretty pink dress and heels.

Our family all worked hard to get all the little details just right. 

Like yummy food.
A beautiful cake (made by our cousin Xenia, the chef). 
A candy bar!

Audrey wore a pretty dress also.

Most quinceañeras would skip the piñata.  To feel all grown up.  But not Gaby, she is her own person...and wanted a piñata.  

She is the youngest of all the girls.  We all love her.  And sometimes still think she is our baby, the baby we all carried in our arms. 

Jeremiah looks up to her.  To him, she is the coolest teenager.

Happy Birthday Gaby!  
You are loved!


Mari Nuñez said...

Beautiful quinceañeara, looks her age, not like many others teenagers that want to grow so fast. Audrey is a princess!

God bless!

Leslie Harris said...

I prefer a smaller family party! It's more personal. And everyone looked lovely, especially la quinceañera. :)

jai said...

What a great quince! The cake was beautiful and so was the quinceanera.

Claudya Martinez said...

Feliz cumpleaños, Gaby!

Catalina said...

Now that's a proper quince, with the people you love in an intimate setting. I also love that your sister opted for the piñata. You are never too grown-up for one. Saludos!!

Krista said...

At home makes it even more special! She looks happy and beautiful!

How many sisters are there in all?

tacubagurl said...

this is so special and beautiful! I miss my sister =(

thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Felicidades Gaby, que bella! When the parties are done in between all the family and friends they are enjoyed even more! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Gracias por ser
tan especial . We love u!

Anonymous said...

Gracias por ser
tan especial . We love u!

Gaby Villeda said...

Thank you so much. I loved my quinceneara. It was special with all the people I love. I especially love the photo of Jeremiah and me. I love that he looks up to me and I think he is the coolest 10 year old ever. (:
Thank you for everything you did Marcy. It was truly beautiful and a wonderful way to spend mis quince.
Love you,


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