Wednesday, September 15

Birds, Beach, Summer

We packed the car with towels, fruit and sand toys and headed out to Seal Beach. 
Our last day of summer before the start of school. 

Audrey ran towards the sand and to the water as soon as we got there.  She touched, then ran directly back to me, "is cold mama cold". 

She played with sand while Jeremiah ran from the waves.  Quick, but not too quick for the waves that wanted to play and get him wet. 

Audrey dropped our bag of chips (a very Audrey thing to do)
And sooner than I had realized what happened we had 30 seagulls over our heads.  We tried to wave them away.  They wouldn't move.  They had their eyes fixed on me the chips. 
I won't lie, I was scared!  It was a scene from something in between The Birds and Nemo (if you can picture that at all).  
I wrapped my towel around Audrey while Jeremiah (very bravely) yelled and jumped at the birds to leave. 

When the chips were gone, the birds left.  

It's kind of crazy, but right after being attacked by birds we got to see Dolphins!  They were swimming close (maybe migrating???) and would pop out from the 
water !

We finished our trip with pizza at a local diner. 

Came home to baths, and found sand in places sand probably shouldn't be ( :

We prepared for school. 

And just like that.  Summer is leaving and fall is almost here. 


Tracy said...

Wow! What an exciting last day of summer for the kids to remember! LOL.

I used to love the seagulls at the beach. When we were kids we thought it was hilarious when they'd steal food my Mom had packed for our lunch.

SoCal_Me said...

Sounds like fun, even with the seagull incident. Those guys are definitely nuisances!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Sounds like the PERFECT day!


Lisa Renata said...

What an exciting day!
Now A dropping the chips, just made it that much more interesting, don't you think? Too cute, I can totally picture you with blanket on hand- trying to protect Audrey. Adorable.


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