Monday, November 1

Day of the Dead

 The kids and I decorated our Day of the Dead altar.  All little goodies I won from this very lovely blog.

Banners, pictures, candy, candles, small Day of the Dead trinkets. 

and Pan de Muerto (Bread of the Dead).  
Friends from our block admired our altar, used to scary Halloween decorations...this was very different for most.  

Today, after school, we took a trip to Olvera street.

Admired all the beautiful decorations. 

and toys. 

Enjoyed taquitos with beans. 

Ate yummy Mexican candy.

Learned a whole lot about a most colorful culture.

And fell in love with all the beautiful faces.

Wishing all of your loved ones who have past away lots and lots of peace....

Happy Dia de los Muertos!

*Interested in learning more about Day of the Dead... Spanglish Baby has a full week of posts on this colorful festive day!


Tracy said...

I love how colorful this holiday is. Thanks for sharing the photos!

MJ said...

Lovely altar! I'm glad you got the package on time!

Unknown said...

Wow! Great pics! I love going to Olvera Street and looking at all the wonderful stuff that they have to offer! Yes! I will be at the LA Latina Bloggers event! Can't wait! I'll see you there!:D

Unknown said...

What a great idea to go there on this holiday!! Puedes creer que nunca he ido a Olvera Street?? I need to go and take the family!

Mamirosa & Co. said...

Olvera Street in L.A. is awesome! I've been there plenty of times since I used to live there.

Have you been to Plaza Mexico? I think it's in Lynwood? I might be wrong. I go there every year when I visit familia in California.

Our culture is awesome. So many colors, love and passion! =)

Silvia said...

beautiful pictures Marcela!! and how cute your altar!!

Madeline said...

Now that looks like fun! Lovely photos.

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet said...

Dia De Los Muertos is MY MOST FAVORITE HOLIDAY! I love LOVE *LOVE* your post!! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog too! So wonderful and sweet!

Thanks for the kind words on my blog too! *hearts*


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