Friday, November 26

Thanksgiving 2010

We had Thanksgiving with family.

My aunt and uncles home.  A small place, no fancy dining room to hold all of us inside, but perfect patio for laughing, eating and acting silly with loved ones.  Lights, candles and silverware, and lawn chairs. ( :
It was perfect.
I'm thinking... Chocolat ?

I am so thankful. 

I had dinner with scrubs on... ready to leave to work from the party. 

I hope you had a lovely and family and thankful filled day too. 


Unknown said...

What a beautiful table! And, family!

Winks & Smiles,

Julie Diaz Asper said...

An outdoor thanksgiving! How fun! The table looked beautiful and everyone looked great, really happy, You are the hostess with the mostess,

Claudya Martinez said...

You have a beautiful family. I love that you wore your scrubs.

Leigh said...

What a pretty setting for Thanksgiving! So glad you had a wonderful holiday. XOXO.

Madeline said...

What a dreamy setting! Love it. Glad your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

look at all the warmth of beautiful decorations and beautiful people. you're so lucky to be near family.

Connie Leon said...

Awesome setting. Family. Love it.

I just started following your blog..but am already in love! :D


Unknown said...

What a beautiful table and everything looked so cozy!!! Que rico!

Jennifer @Mami2Mommy said...

Was that seriously your family's Thanksgiving? It looks like a movie set! Gorgeous! Umm...expect my family at your door next year! ;)


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