Saturday, November 13

Sesame Street Video Games: Audrey approved (Giveaway)

As a child, Sesame Street was one of my favorite television shows.  
I think a lot of us can say this.  
Sesame Street has always been great at incorporating different cultures in their shows, and I think this is what attracted me the most. 
I got to see kids that looked very similar to my family and spoke spanish like I did.  
Now, when Audrey watches, I have no regrets.  I love having that little extra time for me and at the same time know she is benefiting from what Sesame Street has to offer. 
Recently, Audrey and I visited the Warner Brothers Studio here in LA for a blogger event.  I got to see a hang out with local friends and meet new ones and there was free babysitting... a room full of Sesame Street, kids, and goodies to eat = Audrey's in heaven.
While the kids ate... we mom's ate too ( :
And heard all about their new educational video game.  Educational?  Sound too good to be true?
I know.  I always have those same feelings when it comes to tv/video games.  Yet, I trust Sesame Street and got to experience and hear all the education aspect from their Vice President of Education and Research Dr. Rosemarie Truglio.  A Ph.D. in Developmental and Child Psychology, and a mom, like me.

Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure and Cookie's Counting Carnival are available for the Wii ,Nintendo DS and PC.  They are easy to play, yet adapt in difficulty to your child's level.  The games also include gameplay helpers for smaller hands which help minimize unnecessary buttons and make it easier to hold.

I love that Sesame Street has really taken the time to develop these great games for preschoolers.  As much as I encourage our kids to do something else other than media...we have evolved so much with technology.  Audrey witnesses her family online, watching tv and on our cellphones and we have found it best in our home to set limits rather than exclude them from technology completely.

Games like these are perfect for our family.  And appreciated.

Audrey has the A-to-Zoo Adventure....she wants two of you to get a copy of your choice also, either Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure or Cookie's Counting Carnival .

Leave any topic related comment  or tell us which game you would choose or who is your favorite character on Sesame Street. That's all you have to do to enter. Make sure to leave an email address to contact you if you win.  US only. I will pick the winners on Thanksgiving day at 12pm. 

This makes a great Holiday gift, if you would like to purchase for one of your littles you can purchase here with a special 10% discount with promo code: MOMMY

 *No monetary compensation was given for this post.  An invite to a blogger event, a sample of the product and two extras to giveaway to you were given.  I was not required to post anything.  All thoughts are my own. 


designHER Momma said...

elmo was my daughters first word. We would choose, the elmo game. Naturally...

Mary said...

Zoe is our favorite character! Why? Because that's our daughter's name. As newbies, we didn't know there was a Sesame Street character with that name. We were quite surprised and it makes watching Sesame Street even more fun.

Nice post. We are always looking for interesting ways to teach her stuff. I am now even more interested in Wii.

Zoe would like the counting game. She already has lots of letter related items.

Ana said...

[sings in her worst Cookie Monster voice] "C is for cookie... that's good enough for me..."

LOL! He was one of my favorite ones growing up. He always got to stuff his face with galletas. I mean, come on, every kids DREAM! lol

Good luck to everyone but I hope I win. bahaha!

MIG said...

I would choose Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure for Wii. My son has a great start with numbers so I would love to have something fun for letters.

mommyisgreen at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

We would love the Elmo wii game.

Unknown said...

Baby Zoe is the first stuffed animal I gave to my daughter.

Oh, and the cookies look YUM!

Winks & Smiles,

sandyandcosmo said...

Elmo is my favorite!

Ingrid said...

We're big fans of mr snuffleupagus!

lifewithjding (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

I would pick Cookie's Counting Carnival!

And Cookie Monster is our fav of course! Thanks for the chance:0)

Kerrie said...

My 3 year old son would be thrilled to have either game! We have a Wii and a DS but only have games for my older son. Only in the last week has our 3 year begun to show interest in video games so winning this would be great :)

Sarah said...

I've always loved grocer! Ernie is my little guys fav though. BOth games sound cute! I think my son would love either, for the PC.

Frugaluser said...

both games sound great and it is hard to pick. I think in the end I would pick the cookie monster game, but I loved Oscar as a child

alyssa said...

I would definitely choose the Elmo wii one. All my children have had an Elmo birthday party and they love him. My 3 year old would love her own Wii game that she can play and know all the characters.

Kayla said...

Elmo-- my nephew loves him!! This would make him love his aunt even more :)

J. said...

Don't know how related this is, but my infant twins each have their own Elmo dolls that are as big as they are. That being said, this would be for my 5 yo that love's Cookie Monster.

tacubagurl said...

Ixchel is obsessed with elmo!! I love sesame street and I love plaza sesamo much more!

Unknown said...

ELMO! Definitely Elmo. My son would have a panic attack! LOL. Not REALLY, but you get the idea. LOL!:) Happy Thanksgiving!

Susan said...

My daughter loves the cookie monster! she loves the big blue guy! She carries the stuffed one all over! But I am sure my daughter would love either game! suelee1998 @


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