Tuesday, November 16

loosing it as a parent

We drove home from grandmas house this weekend, Audrey in full tantrum.   Jeremiah, Audrey and I in the car.  She wouldn't stop screaming, for what seemed like an eternity of miles.

I tried singing songs, and assuring her and bribing her.  Everything.  Really.

She cried, and screamed.  I was so tired.

And then Jeremiah starts to cry, he never does.

He said he was tired of her, and he had the worst headache ever because of her.

So there I go, working every trick in the moms book, with no luck.  Two kids crying in the back of my car.

I lost it.  And yelled that is enough! (i've had enough)

And put the music really really loud.  It was a good song too.

They kind of got it.  I think.

We somehow made it home.  And I almost cried.

Why is it so easy to have faith in yourself as a parent when everything is good?  Why is it so hard when we need it most?

We started talking to Jeremiah about sex and drugs (so not related, but on my mind). 

I hope he has faith in God, faith in himself, and faith in us.  When the time comes I hope he makes the right choices.


Claudya Martinez said...

We all have a breaking point and our kids don't need us to be perfect, just present and loving.

Auntie Gaby said...

I love them both. And I am confident that Jeremiah will make the right choices. Because he is smart and he is loved very much by his mommy and family... not to mention, he has a pretty wonderful role model: his auntie Gaby. hahah(: I love you all very much. And you are a great mother!<3

tacubagurl said...

oh man I've been feeling the same way! Ixchel has been testing us. Sometimes I don't know what to do but just walk away =/ Being a mother is the tougheest job!

Unknown said...

Ah Marce, I'm always losing it, and now with 2 it's getting harder not to. Where oh where do they sell more patience? LOL! I feel that I want to take a parents workshop so that I can have more tools.
It's interesting though how since I've never seen you upset or seen Audrey in her tantrums it is hard to imagine the scene! She always looks so calmed. Ay Dos, but I know 2 year olds!

Ofelia said...

I have to say, your version of losing it is nothing like mine. Parenthood is tough enough, without questioning yourself. I would encourage you to relax, enjoy the good, take it easy on yourself.


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