Monday, November 8

welcome little one

Over the weekend we visited a brand new family member.

A small tiny one.

It kind of gave me that itch.  You know.  The one for another baby. 

Audrey is used to being center.  So the extra cheesy smiles came out every time we wanted to photograph baby.  And I obliged, to her photo requests. 

And as I held baby, Audrey asked me to hold her and breastfeed her.  I gave baby back to mom and held her in my arms and whispered...your my baby. 

This makes me wonder... is Audrey ready to be big sister?


We took mom two bags full of groceries.  Fresh and Easy dinners, fruit, organic whole fruit juice, dessert and flowers.  

I filled her fridge while she breastfed, and shared advice on why it's not good to supplement with formula, and how important it is to hold baby (like all the time), 
and asked if she had a sling.... 

and the more I talked, and the more I write 
the more I itch. 

How many kids do you have?  Do you plan to have more?

*I wasn't compensated for shopping and mentioning Fresh and Easy.  It was my choice and my money ( :


Ms. Latina said...

What a beautiful baby! I have two boys and my youngest is 9 but whenever one of my friends or family members has another, I feel the itch as well but than I realize I have the best of both world's being the go to Titi! Why? Because I get to sleep the entire night ;)

Unknown said...

That is so sweet. Yes! I get baby fever! I want a little girl! Maybe I'll have one more...maybe...

Ana L. said...

Audrey is always so precious! But, I´m still not used to seeing her out of her sling! LOL!
Really? The itch..hmmmmm..

I´m sticking to one. She does need a dog now ;)

Mamirosa & Co. said...

Awww... how cute!

I would love to have more but gosh... I had such a scary and very high risk pregnancy and it took SOOOOO long to get pregnant (IVF) that I"m not sure if we can go through that again.
But everytime I see a newborn I get the itch too. You're not the only one! =)

angelica perez said...

Beautiful photographs...

The other day I, too, saw a little baby and for a very split second the thought of babies came to me. And then reality hit me like a brick on the head. Four children is quite a lot of kids -- I can barely keep myself sane. So, no, I am not having any more children...I'm done.

Catalina said...

Very cute!! I love babies but I am done with having babies. My three boys (in their teens) keep me full.

Marcela, if you want another child you should go for it. You come from a large family so you know all the pros and cons of having more kiddies.

BTW, Audrey is super adorable! I think it was sweet of her to want to share her mommy with the new baby. She may be ready to welcome another sibling. ;)

Stephanie said...

What a lovely friend you are...the perfect kind to have!

I am feeling more and more ready for baby #3 with each passing day. Perhaps this spring? ;)


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