Saturday, November 20

driving with an expired license

I was driving with an expired drivers license for the last 4 months.   Somehow I forgot to renew, and the I need to get it done got pushed behind everything else that needed to get done. So lucky I never got stopped.

I finally told myself it was time.  Audrey went to her sitter and I stopped at my favorite coffee shop and complained about how much of a bad morning I would have at the DMV.

I imagined these horrible lines, horrible workers and service and everything going wrong.
Nice attitude to have, right?

That was all my imagination.  The service was amazing.  Everyone was friendly, the lines went by fast, and I was out of there with a temporary license in exactly one hour.

I needed that.  A reality check.  Specially during the Holidays.  To appreciate others.  And be thankful.

I was such a grouch that morning ... only to be treated with such kindness.

I need to take more time out of my day to call friends.  Smile.  Send a nice email.  Laugh.  Forgive. Love.

Be more understanding (at work) of patients and their families.  And do little extra things for them.

Friendship Tea has been in my cup lately.  It's yummy.  Here is a friendly recipe.  Perfect gift for the Holidays.  Not expensive, but with so much to say. 

I sent Kip a text yesterday afternoon....Play hookie from work, I'll pick Jeremiah up early from school and we'll go see Harry Potter.

....and we did


PotterMama said...

Ive driven with mine expired for...almost a year. lol

Stephanie said...

What a FUN, spontaneous memory for the three of you to share together! Did you enjoy HP?

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Amazing service at the DMV? Lucky girl!


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