Thursday, May 5

For Mothers Day

A couple of weeks ago... Baby Einstein sent Audrey some of their new Discovery Kits.  They were really nice with their shipment, so I took some to work and shared with a couple of co workers (new moms to toddlers) who all had good things to how much they got done while baby was busy.

Audrey has enjoyed the kits, specially the cd's that accompany.  
I love to hear her sing, and see her dance (and really need to video tape more often).  
She makes me feel so alive. 

Mother's Day is near, a special day, I love... to get gifts and not get any older!

If you are looking for something special to do for a dear friend....

fill a basket or gift bag
with a lovely colored nail polish
some yummy tea bags...

and something to keep the little one busy while mom sips on tea and does her nails. 

Something to keep them singing and dancing. 

*Baby Einstein sent kits for Audrey, we shared with friends, and Audrey really does enjoy them. 


lizziedoesit said...

LOVE baby einsten too! both of my kids have enjoyed the videos, and the gifts are such a great idea! happy mommy's day Marcela! XO

Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

Feliz dia de las madres!
I hope you had a wonderful day. :)


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