Thursday, May 12


Jeremiah's first communion was very special.

I am so glad I waited for him to get a little older to do it.  I think he learned and understood so much more at this age.

The celebration included mass followed by lunch at a local Italian place.

The kids ate mozzarella sticks while the adults started off with fried calamari, artichoke dip and fried zucchini.  We had wine and I let Jeremiah have a Sprite to drink since it was such a special day.  During lunch he asked me what had happened to his soda... only to find that miss Audrey had gulped down his soda trading her water for his special drink.

We ate way too much pizza and yummy dessert (a gift from grandma).

That night when we were getting ready for bed I overheard Kip tell Jeremiah how proud of him he was...

We all are. 

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Madeline said...

What a special and beautiful occasion! So happy for all of you!


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