Thursday, May 26

Summer must haves

Summer must haves

Summer must haves by Marcela Beatty featuring nine west sandals

Summer musts. New sandals for summer parties. New pretty polish. A paleta maker for all the pops I want to make the kids. New hiking shoes. A backpack to carry sunscreen, snacks and a picnic blanket during long trekking. Lavender from my backyard to make lot's of iced tea to last through the summer with a book to read while the kids are at swim class... and a bike has been on my list for a long time.
Nine west sandal
$99 -

Teva shoes

$36 -

Ice Pops Cookbook | Williams-Sonoma
$6.99 -


MJ said...

I agree!! if only knew how to ride a bike tho!!!! LOL

Lisa Renata said...

Lavender tea? You must share the recipe. I planted a lavender bush last year and it has come back twice its size this year. Yey!

As for a bike. Love mine, but I need to take it to the shop and get the back brakes fixed. Kids started really getting into their bikes this year, so it is a must for me. We have plans for long rides along the gorgeous parks and woods around were we live.

We've also been making lost of paletas around here. Yum.

Unknown said...

Such a cool list!! Love the sandals and the paleta maker!!!

Unknown said...

Por cierto, Polivore is looking nicer! I like it!!! Will hang out there more and see...


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