Tuesday, May 31

Thinking peace

Kip woke me up around two pm yesterday with an invite to see Hangover 2.  I got out of bed after a long weekend at work excited to go out with him.  My mom had taken the kids swimming so we were kid free with no one to chase after, or feed or pick a kids movie for.

I packed raspberries in my bag and bought dark chocolate and laughed really hard (movie is funny but definitely not as good as the first).

We stopped for tacos before getting home and cleaned up Audrey's playroom before bed (it took a whole hour with all of us working on it).

Such a good Memorial Day.

Jeremiah recently got to watch The Pacific and Band of Brothers (two favorite mini series which I highly recommend) with dad ... it has helped him understand American history, what an important job our soldiers have, what they risk and how dangerous guns are.  Have you watched?

I hope families everywhere are at peace remembering their loved ones.

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