Monday, May 16


We had a good weekend here.  Audrey used the potty all weekend long... today too!
It's really weird how it happened.  I had kind of let go of the whole potty training thing.. just way too hard and I kept feeling like she was just not ready. 

Anyway, this weekend, she just did, I didn't have to sit her on the potty like every 2 minutes or leave her without pants all day long.  
She just did. 

She just runs over, hands between her legs, I need to potty, I need to potty. 

Which makes me wonder if there is even such a thing as potty training?  And if there is, is it even worth the trouble... why not just wait till she decides and is obviously ready?

Speaking of readiness.. she is so not ready to stop breastfeeding.   Although it's the last thing I want to do sometimes, once I start, it always feels like I'm exactly where I should be doing exactly what I should. 

I know that is exactly how she feels also. 


lizziedoesit said...

i have so much respect for women who breastfeed. it was overwhelming for me but wish i would of been in a better place back then and breastfed my kids. Aubrey potty training herself is SO GREAT! i wish Niko was that easy. but i guess he's just not ready. he'll be three next month! i do hear that they just do it themselves. potty training can be super stressful if they don't want to. have a great week!! XO

MJ said...

potty training is very scary!!!! I'm kinda having nightmares about it already!

Claudya Martinez said...

Congratulations! Mine is potty trained, but I just realized that I need to buy a potty to bring in the car because she has a really hard time when we are out and about. Normal-sized toilets are just too big.

Mari Nuñez said...

Hola Marcela,Great for Audrey she is getting big so fast! Good idea Unknown Mommy, I had one too for trips when my smallest was potting training. It made a lot easier and safer.

Have a great weekend :)

Catalina said...

I love the photo, it looks like a painting! Oh, those potty days are hard for both mom & child. Pushing them to do it doesn't help anyone. I remember when my youngest stopped wearing diapers, I gave away the last bundle I had while I did a happy dance. You're right about them doing things when they're ready. I know learning to drive has nothing to do with your post, but I have to share...right now I'm teaching 20yo. I turned to 16yo & told him he was next. He said, "NO WAY". Obviously he's not ready. These lessons never end. :D

Catalina said...

I'm tired. I'm teaching 20yo to drive not potty train. *sigh*

Madeline said...

Yay for Audrey! I wish Levi would do that. I keep thinking someday he'll show some sign of being ready...still waiting.

Marcela said...

@unknown Mami I just bought this potty for when we are out!

It's foldable and easy to carry ( :

Angelica Perez said...

I completely agree with you, regarding potty training. I think we should leave it up to them...children know when they're ready. I love when these moments happen...naturally. Congratulations to the big girl :)


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