Wednesday, June 15

the nanny

Sometimes, when I don't answer her the first time...
she yells out  "Marcela" and sometimes "mamicela". 

This new going to the potty thing is harder than I thought.  Who knew I would have to carry so much... a travel potty, change of clothes, training pants.... and jelly beans... because she needs a treat after she goes...
She will be three soon.  And I seriously don't know how that happened so fast?

Her favorite things to eat are avocado ( what she likes to call it even though it's aguacate) and cucumber (pepino).
I don't ever wake her up from a nap... it will take 1 million years to make her happy if she wakes up on the wrong side.

Today we walked to the park together, I sat with all the nannies while the kids played and when a friend asked her if I was her nannie... she answered... "that's not a nannie that's a mommy"


prenni5 said...

Oh I love this! We have to get these little girls together soon!! Three is such a challenge--way harder than two! Laine absolutely wears me out but ofcourse the joy she brings me balances it all out. I love this photo; she is beautiful and with a dimple taboot!

Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

This is too cute! I love how she calls the aguacate "cacauate." I just might steal that from her.
You are such a great mother M! I'm sure once I decide to have children I'll be running to your blog for advice and insight.
Cheers. :)

Unknown said...

Hahaha! How cute about "the mommy". The cacahuate thing is so cute too :)

I remember those days of potty training. So many changes of clothes I carried and sometimes forgot to take a plastic bag to take the wet clothes in!

Kip said...

That's funny, I hear it "Mommycela" when she yells for you.

See, I think cacauate is cute too so naturally, I've encouraged it. Marcela neglected to mention how irritated she gets by that because it's not the proper Spanish word!

Marcela said...

It's a love filled irritation... really doesn't matter how many times I have said it the right way... she has a new name for it. ( : And it's actually grown on me... believe it or not?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

the potty will get easier soon-hang in there

Unknown said...

Love this post! Your little one sounds like a sweetie. PS. I've been on the bench with all the nannies too.. ;)>


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