Friday, June 24

swimmers ear

Yesterday, we splashed in a friends pool all afternoon.  Kip and I saw The Adjustment Bureau (I am in love with Matt Damon even more now) while the kids played in Jeremiah's room and we all went to bed super tired.

Around midnight Audrey woke up complaining of an ear ache.  We tried to settle her and comfort her back to sleep but it was hurting her way too much. I quickly got out of bed and googled "swimmers ear", then gave her some pain reliever and turned the heating pad on to rest her head.

Nothing helped.  And I think between the 3 of us we got 3 hours of sleep. 

Today she is doing much better. She played outside and took a much needed long nap.

 Jeremiah can officially say it's summer, today was his last day of school.  He also showed me a picture he took with his iPod of his favorite girl in school... but I'm not telling

I work all weekend and the first day back is always the hardest. 

I hope all of you have a beautiful weekend....
I will leave you with more fun photo booth pictures from the Pampers event...

xoxo Marcela


prenni5 said...

Will just got over a horrible case of Swimmer's Ear! It was terrible! He ended up in our bed crying all night and he was just miserable. He had ear drops and an oral antibiotic but it still took a good week for the pain to subside. We were doing Ibuprofen around the clock! Our Pediatrician said it was just a miserable thing and really painful. I swear I never had this as a child and my kids have never had it before this. We were told to put ear plugs in Will now when he swims. I'm so sorry about Audrey; I know she must have been miserable. I hope she's feeling better now! xo

prenni5 said...
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