Monday, August 15

Tea's Modern Mexico

Tea Collection has some seriously cute clothes right now. Have you seen?

Llena de cultura (full of culture).  Modern Mexico, appropriately named and inspired from their Mexico travels.

I love the colors, and at this moment feel like shopping at an outdoor market and having something yummy to eat from a street vendor. 

Secret Garden top
I have to admit I have never shopped at Tea before... but their love for other cultures and their obvious sense of style might change that...pronto.

Mercado Dress

Courtyard Tile dress

Dia de Mercado dress
I have only lightly started shopping for Jeremiah's back to school wardrobe. I'm really trying to hold on to lots of his current wear (because it still fits) so just want to freshen it up with a couple of cool tees and hoodies to start the new school year.  

Mucha Lucha Libre hoodie

Señor Azul tee
Jeremiah thinks lucha libre is awesome... I think all boys do. 
mariachis en barco tee

What clothing line are you loving right now? 

*no compensation of any kind was given for this post, just really loving Tea atm and thought I should share


xenia said...

i love the hoodie! h&m has some really adorable stuff for kids right now. there's window displays of the fall line but not in stores yet :(

Claudya Martinez said...

I love the Courtyard Tile dress.

MJ said...

ohh, Julian has an extensive collection of all Lucha Libre things, I think I NEED to get that clothes too!!!!

Ana said...

I haven't shopped there either, but I might just have to buy that Mercado dress!! I love everything but that little dress is adorable!! said...

I JUST placed an order with them! I bought a bunch of tees on sale and the cinco senses hoodie for my boy (I had a gift card). It makes me sad that the clothes for girls are much cuter though :(.

Nora said...

omg, those are super cute! I would love the mercado dress for my daughter! =O

Unknown said...

Que bello todo!!! Love it, I didn't know! I also heard they have clothes for adults! Never seen it, I have to go look now...

Liz said...

Hi Marcela,

First, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my little ol' blog and leaving a comment.

Yes, we've had a Summer Fun List for the last three years and we absolutely LOVE it. Hope you guys enjoy yours as much as we do ours.

Second, just got done browsing your blog,... yeah, I'm your new follower!

Finally, I just love that Courtyard Tile dress.

Thanks again!

Unknown said...

I love this line How cute are the lucha libre shirts thanks for sharing.

prenni5 said...

Ooooh..I love these!! I need to go shopping. I LOVE buying clothes for my kids that are unique, novelty items and not mass-produced. When I shop at Target, chances are 1 out of 5 kids has that same t-shirt. You know? I will check out this site. Thank you!


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