Friday, August 19

his style

 Outside, with guitar and music book in hand. On our way to lessons. 

Sometimes Audrey and I fight over who's Jeremiah he is...

"he's my Jeremiah"
"no, he's my Jeremiah"

She always wins.

completely his style....

shirt : Macys (we got all three)
skinny pants: zumies
shoes: Vans

a little late to Thursdays link up but still having so much fun with small style


Monica said...

Does he like guitar? My daughter started g lessons last year. she would love his guitar!

Ana said...

I like his style! I think it's awesome he is learning to play the guitar!

Madeline said...

Gosh, he's growing up! He's got good style.

prenni5 said...

He's SO handsome!!! Watch out for those girls Marcela!! Will is going to take guitar too. So cool!!


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