Friday, August 26

Under the Sea

It's still summer here (we aren't ready to let go quite yet). Jeremiah doesn't start school until early September, so we have been enjoying the last couple of weeks of hanging out, exploring and spending time together. 

The Aquarium of the Pacific invited the kids and I to visit this week, it was such a beautiful morning filled with sights we usually only get to imagine through story books.  

We Jeremiah got to feel sting rays and baby sharks. 
We fed birds, got a chance to be up close with coral reefs, fell very much in love with the sea lion and otters during their feeding and 
Audrey found Nemo!

 The kids had so much fun outside in the water splash play area .... um about 20 feet away from their huge shark lagoon....!!
making friends

As we headed back home (Audrey knocked out asleep during the drive) Jeremiah and I talked about all the cool things under the sea and about everything we had learned. 

(these talks between Jeremiah and I make trips like these oh so worth it)

We are already planning our next visit during their Baja Splash Cultural Festival in celebration of Hispanic Heritage month. Dancing, food and culture from Mexico, Central and South America...
we are so there. ( :

Have you ever been? Do you have an Aquarium near by? 

*Disclosure: The Aquarium of the Pacific invited us to a morning of fun. I was not required or compensated to share. ( we had a lot of fun... that's why I'm sharing). 


Ana said...

Julia loves going to the aquarium of the pacific. We just took a trip to San Diego and took the girls to Sea World for the first time. They loved it!

Monique said...

What an awesome looking aquarium! I wish we had one out here, we love the aquarium.

Nora said...

We love summers! Looks like a really awesome place, too bad we don't have any cool aquariums around here.
P.S. I love your daughters cute outfit!

Xenia said...

we have yet to go and it's in my hometown! i know my 5 year old will love it! gotta love that time with jeremiah, time flies by!

prenni5 said...

How fun!! I soo wish our school didn't start til September! We've been back since August 10th. :(
This place sounds like so much fun; what a great day for the kids!!


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