Monday, August 8

BlogHer 11

I'm home, with mi familia.
Attempting to get off this BlogHer high, I think It will be days (and nights) before I recover.
with Cristina, Dariela and Ana @ the cheeseburgher party

The trip was amazing yet exhausting. Somehow I managed to run a 5K, hug women all weekend long, watch a movie, attend a yoga class, party, dance, eat (like all the time) and fill my bags with way too much "stuff".
with Cristina

The car ride to and from San Diego was definitely one of my highlights...

Dodge was awesome for lending us a car (a Dodge Caravan) for the ride....

Not only did we fill that car up with shoes (why is it that a girl always has to pack so many shoes?), most of the time it was also filled with friends, so many laughs memories and of coarse tweets. ( :

with Eva, Dariela, Rachel, and Catalina @ the ocbloggerbash
I know you hear about how many brands and opportunities are at these sort of things (and I guess they are) but the reality is that the people that read you, and the people you read are there. These are are the true connections that are made. This is why I blog. And when I get to sleep in the same bed, act silly for what seems an eternity trying to get out of the parking lot, walk with them barefoot down the street at night ( ; ... or hear them speak at a session on how passionate they are.... it becomes obvious why exactly I attended

with Liz

and most obvious why I enjoy blogging so much.

Ok, off now to get me some Audrey, Jeremiah and Kip...I missed them...

*Dodge provided a Dodge Caravan for the ride to San Diego including a gift card for gas, parking and  snacks. 


Ana L. Flores said...

How did we manage to look decent (bellisimas! ;) on that bed picture at 1am after hours of dancing?!

I loved seeing you!!!

Yoly said...

Marcela, it was great to see you again if so for a few minutes!

Ana said...

Que sauve!! I'm kind of new to the blog world and already I have met some wondeful bloggers. It looks like it was a lot of good times.

Unknown said...

Totally agree! My favorite part is always connecting with friends, old and new :)
Oh and the memories of getting in the car, extra seats, etc etc. Too fun! It's too quiet now!!
Besos amiga!

Catalina said...

My feet are finally recovering from all the walking we did! Yes!! The real life connections are what makes blogging come full circle. Without it, you are missing out on the best part.

Morgan said...

Oh, I can so relate to your Blogher high! So much fun! :)

It was such a pleasure meeting you, lovely lady!

prenni5 said...

I am SO happy for you that you got to do this--what an adventure!!! If there is any way we can find it in our budget next year; I'm going with you!!! ;)

lizziedoesit said...

it was SO NICE to finally meet you! you're the sweetest and being around all of you was so inspiring!
I enjoyed every minute!

Xenia said...

you ladies are so lovely! maybe i'll get to know more of you in time for BlogHer 2012 :)

Natalia Carter said...

Que fotos mas lindas! Se ve que se divirtieron mucho e hicieron nuevas amigas!

Cristina-Colombiana en CA said...

Gracias Marcela, por tan buenos momentos. Me diverti mucho contigo y Catalina, fueron las perfectas roommates! Me rio todavia de como fuimos capaces de caminar descalzas por las calles y de como Catalina quedo exhausta despues de la ultima fiesta. Toda esta experiencia es inolvidable!

Carrie @ Tiki Tiki Blog said...

Gorgeous, colorful, talented hermanas!

Thanks for sharing your photos, Marcela!

Silvia said...

As always it was great to see you again. Finally, after a week I'm feeling a little bit recovered from so much dancing!!!

Love the pic at the CheeseburgHer party!


Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

So wish I could have gone and met you!! You look gorgeous!



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