Friday, March 5


What do you think?

It's my new home.  I'm still cleaning up, and moving things around.  But my heart is here, and I'm at home. 

I destroyed my iPhone a couple of weeks ago (again).  I sent it away, hoping they could fix it and bring it back to life.  

In the mean time (with no iPhone to keep me busy) Iv'e had a little free time.  I have to admit, it's almost been liberating.  I'm usually the kind of person to say, I can't live without my phone.  
But, I'm alive. 

If feels kind of good.  A little more playtime with the kids.  A little more sleep.  A little more time to work on this new blog, and time for saying good bye to the old one. 

I played with Wordpress, typepad, Tumblr, and Blogger.  This was the easiest, for me.  Very similar to what I was working with on iWeb but with a little more freedom. 

Which is why I came over.  A little more freedom, to change my look around and add cool stuff to my posts. 

I don't have any big plans or changes.  Just calling a new place home.  Leaving my old name behind was hard, but I no longer have an 8 year old, and as you can see my baby girl is not a baby.  The name feels right, perfect for me to explore my culture, the culture of being a mamá. 



Madeline said...

Looks great! Enjoy your new space!!

Unknown said...

Love it Marce!! I love blogger too!! I love your new name. Me ganaste ;) I've been over thinking it too much.
Hey, how did you destroy an iphone??? Very funny! ;)

Brenda said...

Felicidades por tu nuevo look!
Your Blog looks really nice!
Mine got a new look too, but I'm still thinking about changing it's name.

MissYoliV said...

I love the new blog! Glad you decided to switch over and the name is perfect! <3

Catalina said...

I love the new name [kids do tend to grow up] and the look of your new blog! I've been playing around with other platforms as well- Blogger is the easiest for me too.


Anonymous said...

Nice home =) Also we're going out to dinner for Sildy n I @ tahoe galbi in ktown this thurs me n let me know if u can make it we'll carpool. Marzette

Liz said...

Dang, I must have missed the Memo, cuz I had no idea you switched already.... LOL!

I Love this, Marcela! Great layout, clean, easy to "comment" lol!

Congrats!!!! (O:

Stephanie said...

Oh, I love your new space...and I especially love those photos of your little girl in her jean jacket! She is beautiful - exactly like her mama.

Marcela said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies. They really make me feel good!

Silvia said...

Hola Marcela,

Congratulations!!! sorry I haven't been here earlier, I didn't know you had moved already.

Love the name, and the blog looks great. I can't believe how big Audrey is getting!!


Angie Valencia said...

Loving your new home, Marci. Can't wait to read more of your thoughts, life and every day mama drama!


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