Monday, April 26

Breastmilk or Donuts?

There were no tantrums at bible study this weekend.

She took her shoes off, sat with her toys in the middle of our circle and quietly played with the other toddlers.

Then, she needed to breastfeed.  As she often likes to do.

I tried to switch her attention to something else, like toy's, water, crackers in my bag.

She needed to breastfeed.

I looked around, a little worried wondering if anyone would feel uncomfortable if I breastfed there.

Audrey is almost two years old after all, and I wondered if anyone would think that two is too old to be on mama's boob.

I looked around again. One of the other toddler's was keeping busy eating a donut.

I realized how silly of me.   No one was bothered by a toddler eating a DONUT, why would they be bothered by a toddler breastfeeding?

It's funny how society has made breastfeeding seem uncomfortable for the people around.  Sad, how I a big supporter of breastfeeding was still having some of those feelings.

Those feelings went away after seeing a donut.

I quickly put her to my breast, and if anyone was looking, was bothered or uncomfortable, I really don't care.

I choose to feed my daughter breastmilk.


Catalina said...

I think people place too much emphasis on things. We don't flip when we see a mammal feeding their young, but somehow it becomes unnatural when we humans do it in public.

BTW, kudos for not taking the easy way out!

Lola said...

Ay, me suena familiar, Lola todavía toma tetita, como ella dice ;·) y también está a punto de cumplir dos años... Te entiendo perfectamente, a mi empieza también a darme apuro a veces darle pecho en público... pero otras pienso ¡qué tontería!, ¿por qué me tengo que agobiar por lo que piense la gente?.
Además, cuando estas pequeñas quieren desesperadamente, casi que no hay otra salida, ¿verdad?. Lola empieza a decir ¡quiero tetita! y te puedo prometer que se entera toda la gente que haya alrededor.

Anonymous said...

I had so much difficulty breastfeeding my first son that I didn't even attempt it with my second, but I totally respect those who feed their children in public. Like you said, it's natural and there shouldn't be a stigma. The more you and other mothers bravely feed your children without worrying about others judgments, hopefully the more accepted it will become.

On a related note, a couple weeks ago I saw that the new Healthcare Law mandates that all employer's must provide a private breastfeeding room for working mothers who need to express milk during the day. (And the public bathroom doesn't count!) ... No matter your politics, I thought that particular law was a big win for women and mothers.

Your cipotes are adorable, by the way :)

Marcela said...

Thanks for the kind words! It's so true how me make a big deal over anything.


Estamos pasando por lo mismo! A veces pienso que es mejor darle de un solo pecho, que dejar que llore y todos alrededor se enteren de lo que estamos haciendo.

Audrey me dice "chichita" en español ( :


I love that more and more employers are providing these benefits to working mothers. I myself, work full time, luckily at a hospital and was fortunate they lent me a hospital grade pump to keep on my unit, I didn't have much time to go to the lactation room, so would sneak into an empty room or office.

The lactation room for visitors and employees is perfect and I hope more worksites start making these.

Madeline said...

Good for you for continuing nursing, and for not being afraid to let others know it's normal. I nursed Levi until a few weeks ago. I was glad to be able to nurse him so long and for the nursing relationship to end naturally. I'm still a little sad that it's come to an end.

Marcela said...

I admire you for nursing Levi that long, and it's so beautiful that you stopped when he was ready.
I am sure it must be sad at times, to think that he no longer needs that comfort from you. Although the truth is, you have made such a strong bond that he doesn't need that part of it anymore, you have made something great. Special.

Stephanie said...

Good for you, Marcela! It's sad how those feelings creep up, isn't it? I always start to feel uncomfortable in social settings when my babies reach the age-1 mark. I know I shouldn't, but I do...

Stephanie said...

I forgot to mention that breastmilk is OBVIOUSLY a preferred snack to donuts. It's crazy that people won't bat an eyelash that a parent is serving a high-fat circle of sugar with no nutritional value...and then will scoff at a mom who offers a highly nutritious alternative!

Stephanie said...

Last comment (I keep thinking of more things to say!): I like your "Take Me To Your Reader" button on your left sidebar. It reminds me of LOST. Do you watch that show? :)

Lisa Renata said...

Good for you!!!!!!

btw- thanks for the info. I am going to get to meet you in Miami. Very excited here!!!! =)

Marcela said...

Stephanie! I love your comments! I am glad I am not the only one that sometimes feels funny about breastfeeding (even though we love it). Right? Donut?

I do watch LOST. Does it remind you of the little robot that comes out at the end?!?!? Funny. I haven't seen the last season but will start it soon!


I know I already told you how exciting it is that I get to meet you, but I have to say it again! How exciting!!!!

Yoli said...

Awww I love this! Rock on! -As jeremiah would say ;)


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