Saturday, May 8

Happy Mother's Day!

I love Mothers Day ( :

There is nothing quite like motherhood.  It transforms us, from the day we find out that little miracle is in our belly.

I admire you for being a mother and I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day.  I hope you get lot's of xxx's and oooo's from your little ones.

If you are still looking for something special to give, here is something green, courtesy of got milk? that is easy to make, and I am sure any mother would enjoy.

You can write the recipe down on pretty paper, combine all dry ingredients in a little sachet and tie it to a potted gardenia plant.  <3

Mother's Day Milk Bath Recipe

3 cups whole milk
1 capsule vitamin E
1/3 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup of oatmeal
gardenia petals

Combine dry ingredients together. 
Break open vitamin E capsule, add to dry ingredients. 
Place desired amount of dry mixture in facecloth, tie to faucet allowing warm water to run over bag. 
Add milk under running water at the same time.
Sprinkle gardenia petals over bath water. 


*I was not asked or given any compensation for posting this recipe.  


Madeline said...

Happy Mother's Day to you,too!

brenda said...

Happy mom's days!! 9th & 10th!!!

Lisa Renata said...

I hope you had a beautiful mothers's day!


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