Tuesday, July 27

Audrey's iPhone photo shoot

(in the dressing room).

At a fashion store.  Where most of the sizes don't fit me.

We  was out shopping.

With friends.  Two single ladies, (no babies yet)....and such good friends.

They made me feel young.

  And I even bought a little black dress.  Backless.

Audrey ran around the store.  Trying the hats and handbags and jewelry.

I had good friends to run after her while I tried on way too stylish clothing (:


Yoly @ YNR Live said...


SWFL Doula said...

the best memories! =)

Liz said...

What a cutie! (:

Krista said...

She's so pretty with the serious face going on!! :)

Stephanie said...

How fun! I just know you're going to look stunning in your new LBD. :)

Kelly Mullaney said...

Que linda!
Good choice, Audrey, that hat looks lovely on you :-)


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