Wednesday, June 1

female warrior

I want to be like Tigress when I grow up.  She's a girl, and she kicks butt.

Can you tell she is my favorite?

We were recently invited to the Dreamworks Studio here in LA for a pre screening of Kung Fun Panda 2.

We had a great time... a movie, good food, friends, lot's of kids and Mattel's new line of Kung Fu Panda toys.  Audrey was super contenta.

They provided day care, which always makes events like this so much funner for the kids.

The film has a little of everything, laughter, lot's and lot's of action, sweetness (including Po as a baby) and those moments...where you find yourself teary and hope no one is noticing you.( :

 I have to admit it's not as funny as the first, yet they were able to make a very entertaining sequel.

The event was perfect... right up to the mini pb&j sandwiches and agua fresca de sandia.

The kids had a ball with the toys... and Audrey has been playing Panda here with all the goodies they sent us home with.

I may have borrowed a mini Tigress from their toys... to remind me of how tough and awesome this Tigress can be. ( ;

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Color Land said...

Love panda bears, they are my favorites!
Audrey it's a cutie, I have so much fun yesterday too, hope to see you soon!


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