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mama's a babywearer

This post was originally written for the Sakura Bloom Triathlon.  
I reposted so it can be part of the Babywearing Carnival hosted by Babywearing Videos. Make sure to visit Babywearing Videos on 6/30 for the carnival. 

Jeremiah was born, and I became a mama.  
At the time I had no idea who Dr. Sears was, much less Attachment Parenting.  I did know that I loved holding my son close, picking him up at first cry, sleeping with him, and breastfeeding.  These special moments just came to us, without reading a book, they happened. 
I was naturally interested in wearing baby. 
I tried babywearing.  I wanted him close, but after no success with two different structured carriers, I gave up. Now looking back, I don’t think,  it didn’t work for us,  I think I didn’t find the right carrier. Maybe there weren’t too  many out there, or maybe I didn’t do enough research. 
The years went by (way too fast) and that little baby boy became my 8 year old and soon to be brother to a much wanted baby sister. 
And just like before.  Attachment Parenting came easy. But this time, I was going to try babywearing again.  I had seen plenty of pictures of slings and carriers in magazines, online including blogs, boutiques and while out and about.  I had read about them and the benefits of babywearing.
A little scared but excited, I purchased my favorite.  Not the structured type that I had so much difficulty with, but a pouch and a sling.  
I wore Audrey around the house and  kept her close the first days after bringing her home.   It was special. 
On our first venture out of the house ( a doctors appointment), I packed way too much in the diaper bag, brought our stroller and had baby seated in her car seat.  I had forgotten what it was like to lug the whole house with you with a newborn. 
We somehow managed to get to the office, with help from strangers along the way (holding doors open for the stroller) and really just having them get out of the way.  After getting in the tiny office, having to leave the stroller in the waiting room, which meant carrying the carseat with baby inside to the patient room, I was a little overwhelmed. 
After our appointment we needed to get labs drawn for baby girl at a whole different location.  The thought of having to get down with baby, carseat, stroller and diaper bag was way too much.  I took my pouch out of my diaper bag, put my little tiny newborn inside, grabbed the diaper bag and headed into an unknown adventure. 
We headed back to the car (smoothly) and it was then I knew, I was a babywearer. 
Wanting my baby close to me and not wanting to let go attracted me to babywearing.  Finding the right carrier, and finding out what hands free felt like reinforced it. 

(This post was originally posted on Oct. 24, 2009, it was my answer to Question #1 in The Sakura Bloom Triathlon)


Madeline said...

The right carrier makes all of the difference! It took me a few tries, but I was so glad when I found carriers that I loved.

SWFL Doula said...

I bought one and I thought it was going to take me forever to figure it out but it didn't. So far I like it, but I would like to try a sling. I'm going to visit my family in Venezuela and I'm planning on taking the babycarrier instead of the stroller (mine is huge), It's going to be just kung Fu Baby and me, so I need my two hands and want to have him close to me all the time. Let see how it goes. Thanks for sharing

natalie said...

The first carrier we had didn't work very well for us either... but we persevered and now we love it! :) Love reading babywearing stories!

Drea said...

hey im curious, is this the plum or blackberry sakura sling?

drea[at] - email me please! :)


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