Monday, June 28

De compras

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Sometimes, I have to try really hard to get Jeremiah the kids to speak spanish.
He gets comfy with English during his day at school.  Sometimes, for all of us it's just easier. 

I am always on the look out for new ways to make our spanish language fun. 

Recently, I turned our weekly grocery shopping trips into a spanish game, that so far has been a big success. 

We start with writing our shopping list, in spanish

He get's to be in charge of the list.  We start the stopwatch, and quickly find our fruit, veggies, bread and snacks.  We say the name of the items to Audrey , who is sitting very excitedly in the cart.  She states the names when we show them to her, sometimes all of them are uva ( if grape is  all she feels like saying that afternoon) but sometimes she repeats everything we say.  This get's me excited. 

I occasionally throw in a guessing game. 

"Estoy pensando en algo grande, redondo, color verde, rosado adentro, dulce, y con semillas..."

(I am thinking of something big, round, the color green, pink inside, sweet and with seeds...)

"La sandia!". 

Our trip ends with the picking of dessert (but just one), which is always a hit with my kids. 

We get home.  Ready to unpack everything, in spanish, we place each item in the fruit basket, fridge or cupboard. 

A shopping trip is such a simple way to have fun with a second language, so many different items, colors, letters and names. 

This is funner than a regular shopping trip with mom.  

And don't get me wrong...every once in a while I look forward to those shopping trips all by myself. 

Where I can sing in the car to english or spanish, and think in english or spanish


Madeline said...

That sounds like a fun game. I bet they are picking up way more than they let on, too. Kids are pretty good at that.

SWFL Doula said...

What a great idea to make learning fun! Thanks Marcela!!

Sarah @ Baby Bilingual said...

I work in the children's section of a library, and this is one of the activities we encourage parents to do with 0-5 year olds as part of the summer reading program, because it's such a rich pre-literacy activity! (Our library's strategic plan focuses on getting young kids ready to read.)

All the elements you describe help the children connect the idea of the various foods to the idea that there is a written representation of each one--regardless of which language(s) you're using. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Elisa said...

I agree with Madeline. geat game idea! My nephew now age 7, responds in English when I ask him something in Spanish. hmmm

Stephanie said...

What a great game! Way to be creative and make learning fun. :)

Anonymous said...

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