Friday, June 18

Pura Miel... a giveaway

Honey has been a frequent visitor in our home,  our trip to Bill's Bees got us hooked

Audrey gets sticky with it.  
Jeremiah gets sticky with it too. ( :
And I use it on salads, tea, over toast and fruit and even as abeauty scrub:

1 tablespoon of honey
2 tablespoon of finely ground almonds
and 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice

Mix, rub onto face, and rinse with warm water.

I seriously love Pura Miel's campaign. 

Not just because they are promoting the purchasing of pure natural products but also because they are promoting local farmers and local shopping. 

Their tips include learning to read labels (honey bottles should only say 100% pure honey), learning to read ingredients (if the bottle has words that you can't read, it's probably not honey),  and shopping at local stands and farmer markets. 

Leave a comment telling me one tip you will remember next time you shop for honey, or any comment you like! 

I will randomly pick one of you, and send you 2 bottles of 100% pure honey....straight from Bill's Bees Farm. The giveaway ends June 28th. US only. 

*I was sent a bottle of honey from Bill's Bees also, but it's almost gone now.  I wasn't paid for this, but LOVE this giveaway. 


Lisa said...

What a sweet giveaway.

SWFL Doula said...

We are big fans of honey too. My husband loves it on his toasted bread for breakfast and he uses honey to give a sweet taste to his tea. I use it for cooking too, and when you're sick honey and lemon solve any problem. I will remember the trick about the label.. if you cannot read it is not real honey. That's for sharing those tips!

Madeline said...

We eat lots of honey around here. It goes on bread, in hot tea, and when we have colds I like to make a lemon, honey water. I usually buy honey from our local farmer's market.

tacubagurl said...

yummy! I will definitely try that facial scrub =)

Yoly - Cuponeando said...

We love honey to prepare vinaigrettes.

Anonymous said...

I will carefully read the label from now on. Nothing but real honey for this familia.

Stephanie said...

I just went and checked our honey...and it does say "100% pure natural honey." Yay! That's a tip that I'll remember! :)


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