Monday, June 21


She has been on my breast all day.  Her fever isn't letting her be Audrey.  She's down and tired and sleepy and not in a good mood.
Can I be sick instead of her?

In the middle of the night, I awoke to Kip getting back in bed after getting some tylenol for Audrey.  He could feel how hot she was, next to her in bed.  He didn't wake me.  He just got up to take care of her.
Makes me realize how much more grateful I should be, not just on Father's day.

I still have Buzz Light Year singing to spanish in my head.   I had no idea he was bilingual until I saw the movie  yesterday. ( :

We had a good time at the show, thanks Gaby for babysitting.  The walk up the street to the Salvadoran restaurant (pupusas and yuca frita) was a good way to finish the afternoon.  Audrey enjoyed the stroller ride.
Kip has played with his gift, well, since he got it.

Tonight, it's back to work for me.  Audrey has been nibbling, much like a little mouse, throughout the day. I'm thankful I breastfeed, I feel so needed and useful, and soothing during times like this, when the babies are sick.


tacubagurl said...

poor Audrey, I hope she feels better.

BTW I love pupusas! my family is Salvadorean. where are you from?

Marcela said...

From El Salvador!!!

Krista said...

Kisses to Audrey from Clementine....:( Hope she feels better soon!

And an iPad?? Lucky man!! :)

Madeline said...

Oh, poor thing! I hope she is feeling better! :)

Stephanie said...

Breastfeeding is "magic." Tim and I often say that. :)


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