Wednesday, June 16

Book Winners

I'm sorry I have been MIA for the last couple days. It seems life has been keeping me busy. has picked two winners for Ramona's book!!!

Madeline from Barefoot Childhood and Lisa from Sabor Cajeta!!!

I hope they enjoy the book as much as we do!  
I LOVE that this book is written by a local Latina author!!!

Congrats amigas!!

Kip and I had a date night last night.  
We ate pupusas, wine, and took a trip to the ice cream shop..... sshhh!! Don't tell the kids!

Jeremiah is finishing up summer school (6 more days!) , he seriously can't be more excited about summer.  He is also excited about our new neighbors, two boys, his age.  Our neighborhood was lot's of old people before this ( :

Audrey is being a toddler.  I fall in love with her more and more each day.  She likes to say the word pretty, all the time.  Her pretty shoes,  pretty hair bow, mama's pretty dress. 

I have a little buddy here at home, to love and compliment me on my buys and what I'm wearing...I like this. 

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Madeline said...

Yay! Thanks so much! I can't wait.

The closest thing to Levi complimenting my clothes happened the other day. He told me he wanted to sit in my lap because my dress was comfy. :)


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