Wednesday, July 14

Yesterday morning

I wanted to pick Jeremiah up from school.  Bring him home and tuck everyone back in bed (myself included).

Start the morning all over again

and maybe even try getting out from the other side of bed.

I yelled and screamed and said things I shouldn't have said.  I punished way to hard.

 I really tried not to, yet I guess I didn't.

Why is it so easy for us to get upset?  Over little things?

My morning was a mess.  I felt disappointed and sad with myself.  Just like that, all the books and articles and breathing and praying, they left, and it was just I.  The other I, the one who really isn't me.

I picked him up after school and apologized.  I hugged and said "I don't like what you did, but I shouldn't have acted that way with you" I felt awful.  I stuck to my punishments, but regretted my behavior.  Which is the worst thing to feel after disciplining your child.

I talked to Kip when he got home.

and spent extra time with Jeremiah.

Today, was a new day.  And so much different from yesterday, that day.

I am starting new.

How do you handle situations like these?  When you are so angry?  Do you leave the room?  Count to 10?  Hug? Pray?


Madeline said...

I hate those days! And, I'm convinced that we all have them no matter how hard we try not to. I think you did the perfect thing, apologized. It's important that children recognize that we make mistakes too, and that we try our best to correct them.

Marcela said...

Thanks Madeline!

Today is a much better day. You are right, apologizing is very important.

I wish someone would warn me, let me know those days were coming.

Monica said...

This sounds so fact, I believe I had one of these days last week! I think these days surface when we just get so tired of being "on" all the time. It's not easy being a caregiver. Sometimes I just want to have an ADULT conversation!

But it is important to cool off, and so, yes, I try to leave the room until I calm down. (But unfortunately, sometimes the Gritona I never imagined myself to be sneaks out!)

Sometimes I just send the kids to their room. But I always, always try to apologize and explain why I got so upset.

Hang in there, Sister! We all go through it!

angelica perez said...

Marcela, This happens to all of us. God knows I have been there more than once. When it does happens, and I feel like I really acted too angry, I will later talk to my kids and say "I really got angry there, how do you feel about that?" And then we talk (or not) and I tend to apologize for any discomfort they might have felt. But, I do make sure I remind them of what they did wrong, and how they can improve on that, too. The reality is, we, mothers are also growing and changing. So, I take these moments as learning opportunities.

Stephanie said...

I've definitely had days like that. Thank goodness that each day is a new day, right?

It sounds like you responded gently and humbly. You are a wonderful mother!

Marcela said...

@Monica @Angelica @Stephanie

Thanks for your support! It means a lot knowing I am not the only one.
You all make great points. Very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hola mi amor, tu bien sabes como me duele castigar a tus hermanas, estoy aprendiendo mucho de ti, amor y diciplina. good job!!!!

tacubagurl said...

I have so much respect for parents that are able to admit when they are wrong. We all make mistakes and it takes a lot to admit it. I think jeremiah will remeber and respect you for that :)


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