Wednesday, October 6

How to train for a race ....

Sometimes being mom gets in the way of exercise.  Sometimes a lot.

Time has definitely been the hardest obstacle during my marathon training.  During long run days I am away for hours at a time.  Sometimes I feel guilty, yet I know that this is the best thing for me right now.   As hard as it is for a mom to take care of herself first before her is sometimes the best thing we can do.

I have found that running is not only good for my health, my mind is completely different lately.  I feel clear after my run's, it seems to melt (or sweat) away all those toxins floating around my brain and makes me feel new.  I am less grumpy and ironically less tired.  I feel positive, and that is a good thing when being mom.

So how do I fit all these long runs in?

I have a running schedule.
I run four times a week.  Two short runs, one medium run, and one long run.  I also have a mom's circuit training class twice a week which has helped me immensely.

Saturday is my long run day.  I run early morning,  kiddos still in bed or pajamas, and hubby at home to tackle breakfast and love giving.   The earlier I leave, the earlier I get home, and the less family time I miss.  When I first started training, long runs where 5 mile runs, I gradually increased by 1 mile every 2 weeks.  Intervals are extremely helpful.  I do 5 minutes of running then 1 minute walking.  This is so doable, and not so stressful on your body.  I somehow made it from 5  to 21.83....and soon a 26 mile run.
It's easier than it sounds.

My long run day is followed by a short run day.  Short runs are 2-5 fast mile runs.  I use these to work on my speed, which is my biggest problem.  Most of my short runs are with a jogging stroller and Audrey in tow.

Mid week I run a medium run, usually a 5-10 mile run.  This run I use to focus on keeping at pace (usually jogging stroller along as well).  Audrey loves these runs for napping.  And I love having the stroller to fill up with small snacks for each of us and lot's of water.  If Audrey is awake we take a little break at the park to play before returning home.

Towards the end of the week and heading into my long run day I run one more short run.  This run is always my most efficient.

The motivation to go out for a run or even get into work out clothes is something I still struggle with.  Having a marathon to run for is a big motivator and I recommend always having a race you are running for if you are a procrastinator like I am ( :

Hearing audiobooks has to be one of my favorite things to look forward to as well.  Over the last two months I have listened to four audiobooks ( the Stieg Larsson Trilogy is amazing) and feel great to not only be able to run but catch up on good books as well.

More running to come soon....


SWFL Doula said...

you are my hero..!!! you forgot to mention that you also have to go to work!!!!. Wow! I'm so happy for you.. you inspire me!! Thanks for sharing

Cynthia said...

i so needed to read a good post by a mom/runner today. i am in such a running funk even though i have a half-marathon to run in six weeks. i'm just not feeling it no matter what i do. i'm also doing a sked but i just feel like i have no fuerza in my body to push myself beyond getting through it.

i think i'll write about it too -- maybe getting through it out loud will help me get through it physically. does that make sense? probably not, but i'm tired!!

keep updating!!! and best of luck in your last two weeks before the race. you'll do great :)

Stephanie said...

I am so inspired by you, Marcela!

I admire how disciplined you are - with your mind and your body.

P.S. Your SHORT runs are 2-5 miles?!? With a stroller?!? (I am officially a wimp). ;)

Stephanie said...

Oh, I have a question for you: Do you run with your phone? If so, do you wear an armband?


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