Tuesday, October 26

Ruby Slippers

She's been wearing them all day.

She says the word pretty, cat, princess and sooo butiful, all the time.

She dresses up.  Just like Jeremiah did when he was her age ... 200 days of the year (seriously)  (for 3 years in a row).

He wore his spiderman costume to visit friends and families, shopping, to the park...and to go to sleep.

I think I was able to wash it a couple times here and there ( :

It's time for make believe.

Do your little ones dress up?  Any day of the year?


~That Rain Girl said...

Oh my!! :) This post was the story of my life.... lol I have a 5 year old and she is currently on her 4th pair of ruby reds. Tattered and torn. I have so many stories to tell about the places we've gone, dressed as princesses, fairies, tutus, even Clifford. People look at me like Im crazy for taking my kid out like that, but I choose my battles. ;);)

Love the picture!!!

Madeline said...

Levi has just really discovered it these past few days. I think I may never get him out of his elephant costume. It makes me smile though. I love watching their imaginations blossom.

Ooo, and those shoes! What little girl wouldn't be crazy over them?!!

Lisa Renata said...

All the time! And I just love what crazy costume combination they come up with. Like super Ladybug girl/ballerina/princess. Yea!


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