Thursday, October 7

Potter fans?

Jeremiah has just a couple pages to read to finish book 5.  It's his first big (literally ....800 page books) series.

He is so into it(just as much as Kip and I were when we read them).  

There is nothing like having your kid ask you "can I read some more before bed?".  I highly recommend it for your kids... Jeremiah started reading the series in 4th grade (it might be a little dark for someone younger).

Of coarse we will watch the new film!  Perfect way to celebrate such great reading.

What are your kids reading these days?

Are you Potter fans?


adrienzgirl said...

I have been obsessed with this series since I read them the first time. I have read them several times since with all of my children. When the last book came out I went and bought my copy the day it hit shelves. I stayed up reading for two days. Literally. I was afraid that someone would spoil the ending for me. I made sure no television or radio or any form of media until I was done.


Stephanie said...

I read the first book (and enjoyed it), but never got around to reading the rest of the series. I'm not sure why. I may have to revisit it. :)


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