Tuesday, October 5

Running in the rain

This morning I let Audrey jump in rain puddles.   It's been raining here.  It makes for good sleep weather.

still in pajamas after dropping Jeremiah off at school
But not so good when training for a marathon.  I'm procrastinating today's run...and thinking of warm tea and reading blogs instead ( :

Jeremiah started band practice today... drumsticks ready in hand this morning

Audrey doesn't think anything too big are her favorite words lately.  The cup is too big, the shoes are too big, the book is too big.  Everything is too big.

So here I am finding the right size for her tastes.  And running in the rain.


adrienzgirl said...

Such a fun Mami to let her play in the rain puddles! I love to play in the rain. Makes me feel like a kid!

Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

I love the photos of your beautiful daughter playing in the rain! I wish we would get more of it here in the desert! It looks like I may have to throw on my rain boots and hop in the shower!
Great post and have a great run!

Stephanie said...

Look at her in her adorable pajamas and purple rainboots!

THIS is the stuff of memories. :)


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