Tuesday, October 12

How do I carry my iPhone during runs?

I think I have told you before...I am addicted to my iPhone.
I won't get into all the why's but I specially love all the cool exercise apps available, including being able to have Nike+ on it.   It's almost perfect for a runner....

except one do I carry it with me?

Lately, with my long runs.... I have been in total runner look with my little pack on my back.  I use the Nathan Speed 2 ...yes, that's my booty you see here  ( :
Nathan Speed 2 waist pack

I love that I can bring plenty of water, a snack and my iPhone.
This has been the best for long runs.  It might be too much for the average short run though...

For short runs, these are my recommendations:

Tuneband for iPhone

The Tuneband has gotten great reviews on Amazon.  Any armband takes a little getting used to but from what I can tell this is definitely a favorite for runners. 

Gracie's A line Tank

I recently discovered Gracie's tanks!   Aren't they awesome?   I can't tell you how much I appreciate a pocket on running/workout clothes.  Keys, snacks, a couple bucks, phone! Whatever you need with you...there it is.  I am in love!

More on Gracie's tops on posts to come....with a giveaway for one of you in celebration of my upcoming marathon!

So, what do you think?  Do you use an armband, pack, cool top to carry your iPod or phone?  Would love to hear what you are using!


Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

Oh, I love the suggestions you listed here! I would have to say If I had an Iphone with the cool Nike+ app I would carry it with me all the time too. However, It's just me and my ipod and a simple armband. For cute workout clothes with pockets check out lululemon. They have great stuff, it's just a little to pricey for my wee budget right now.

Marcela said...

I love lululemon clothing! Yes, vey pricey! I love the classes they have in their shops too ( free)!

For runs where I won't be out for too long I tend to use my iPod as well. Definitely easier to carry!

cyndisan said...

i love my iphone too but i think its giving me carpal tunnel :(

Stephanie said...

This is SUCH a helpful post! Thank you!

I've been carrying my iPhone in my hand, but I think that Tuneband is now officially on my wish list because of you.

Also - I look forward to hearing your thoughts about Gracie's Tanks.

Unknown said...

I am not a "runner", but I used to go for short runs here and there. I really like to use the camel pack, it does have a little pocket for the phone or ipod but it's in the back :(

That shirt with pocket looks very COOL!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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