Monday, October 4

My longest run before.....Marathon day

Last Sunday I ran 21.83 miles.  This was my longest run so far, and longest run before my marathon  two weeks from now.
Did I just say two weeks?

I had a great start, and kept to goal pace during most of the first half.

Then I got to mile 17 and was SO ready to give up.  It was super hot.  HOT HOT HOT, I tell you!  I was tired.  Exhausted actually.  I kept at it and then at mile 19....I was so done.  I couldn't anymore...and had to walk the rest.  Not that walking made the last couple miles any easier. 

I was really disappointed in myself.  It turned out to be such a lousy run.

I know everyone has these runs, but this was such a let down, specially with the marathon being so close.  My finish time was 5 hours and 30 minutes (which is actually my marathon race finish goal).

So... now I am on a mission to psych myself up before marathon day.  Not sure quite how I will fit 4+ miles in that time...but that is my GOAL ( :

Audrey post 5 mile  jogging/stroller  run @ Seal Beach

I'm kind of past that disappointing run now, kind of.  Months ago I couldn't even finish half of that.  I keep trying to look at it this way.  And remind myself that all of us have bad day's....or in my case bad run days ( :

I took lot's of Ibuprofen and ate well that evening.  And rested.

Today, although now tapering down for the race, was my long run again.  It was good.  I was pretty consistent with keeping to my run 5 minutes -walk 1 minute intervals and keeping at my goal pace.  My timing was better... but I still need to focus and work on this over the next two weeks.

I am in no means a fast runner, but if I want to reach my goal, I definitely need to increase my speed.

Over the next two weeks I plan on sharing a lot of what I have learned during my training, from training schedules, to what to eat, to what to wear.....

Stay tuned....

Any questions??? Would love to answer!  I had so many when I first started...I am by no means an expert... just learning as I go...


Tracy said...

I'm just fascinated with people who run - and more so with those who seem to love it enough to go those types of distances. It's amazing what the human body is capable of.

I have never been a runner but a few times during martial arts training when I was forced to run, I broke through to that point where it stopped hurting and felt good. If only I had the discipline to make myself reach that every day.

I'm so impressed with what you've accomplished. I can't run even one mile without huffing and puffing and getting a stitch in my side. Do people who like to run get that when they first start out? How do you avoid it?

Also, weather is getting cold here - even when I go for walks, the air burns my lungs and makes me cough. Any way to avoid that as well?

Thanks and keep it up, chica. You amaze me!

Yara said...

Congratulations!! Let me tell you, I can't even begin to imagine running 26 miles! I'm training for a 5K and it might as well be 100K because it's pretty hard for me (and let's face it... I don't enjoy running) The thing is I want to at least try it! I can barely run 5 min at a time and I wouldn't say I'm in bad shape.
Anyway, back at you:) I worked twice as a medical volunteer at the NYC marathon. First time mile 7, second mile 19 so huge difference in runners stamina! I know what helped them a lot was people cheering! So get your family and friends there for you! Oh! And Vaseline or that antichafing stick they sell at running stores:)

If you have any advice regarding training, outfit (best socks, best underwear even! )I'm all ears! My tiny race is Nov 13.

Good luck and keep at it!!!

SWFL Doula said...

You can do it Chica!!! just one foot at a time..!

Madeline said...

Congrats! You are so ready. My dad runs marathons and ultra marathons (you'd NEVER guess it to look at him). When he's training for one, he rarely runs as many miles before hand as he does on the day of the big runs. So, it sounds like you are more than on schedule. Good luck to you!!

Unknown said...

I can't believe what you're doing Marce! I want to run someday but just thinking about it makes me lazy, que horror. I'm routing for you though!!!

Stephanie said...

I am IN AWE.

I can't wait to applaud you when you post "finish line photos" after the race.

You can do it!


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