Thursday, October 14

Pre and Post run training routine

One of the best ways to prevent injuries during long distance running is warming up before your run and strength exercises after.

Here are two routines by Coach Jay Johnson (an awesome running coach).  You can find more videos and training tips on his blog and on Nike+.  I highly recommend his tips if you are looking into long distance running.  I use these before and after most of my runs.

The pre run warm up is the total opposite of what I first was doing.  I was stretching my muscles way too much.   The goal is not to stretch your muscles but get them warm.

Stretching should be done after a run.

The post run routine looks easy, but after a run I find it to be very challenging.

And even if you are not a runner both are great exercise routines!

I love his take on how important it is to strengthen muscles and do cardio if you want to be a better runner.

Hope you enjoy these and they help you as much as they have helped me!

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